Jord Producers


As Jord Producers we are commercial-scale mealworm production facilities in Nebraska's heartland to meet the growing demand for sustainable, alternative protein in the animal feed and human food sectors. 

A 2018 NMotion Start-Up Accelerator, we are ramping production and market outreach, beginning first with Nebraska and surrounding states, with an initial focus on customer segments interested in live mealworms, while considering opportunities for dried and ground as nutrient-rich enhancements to feed and food. 




Our farms are located near Juniata and Lindsay, Nebraska. Our mealworms are lovingly raised on a bed of wheat bran with potato slices or carrots added as a moisture source.


To optimize space, we've utilized a controlled environment vertical growing system. In addition to harvesting mealworms, we harvest their frass for use as a soil amendment and are finding uses for the beetles once they are past their production peak. Sustainability is one of our top priorities and we seek to continue to have a zero to minimal waste system. 


Jord Producers works hard to source local inputs. We buy our feed, vegetables and even our custom made trays, boxes and containers are manufactured right here in Nebraska!