Frass is, well, mealworm poop. It’s golden, dry, the consistency of sand, and virtually odorless (a slight smell of the wheat bran the worms are grown in). This organic fertilizer is packaged in its natural, purest form with no fillers, processing, or by-products. And it’s produced in rural Nebraska with locally sourced feed for our mealworms’ simple, controlled diets. These mealworms are living the good life!

What is it good for?

Our frass contains natural organic matter and nutrients your plants will love!  Frass is recognized by OMRI as allowed under the US NOP organic standard.

How do you use it?

It can be mixed with water in a compost tea.

  • Mix 3/4 cup per gallon of water.

  • Let it seep for a few minutes, stir, and water your indoor and outdoor plants. There will be sediment remaining which is ok to pour onto the plant soil.

  • Apply every two weeks. Or work dry frass into soil at a rate of about one pound per 25 square feet

  • Always store frass in a cool, dry place!