Startup academy's new class includes meal recommendation app, life jacket maker

Article by: ROD ARMSTRONG Silicon Prairie News

NMotion, Lincoln, Nebraska's startup accelerator, has announced its 2018 cohort of teams along with some changes in the program.

“Moving forward the aim is to focus on the acceleration of our startups,” said Managing Director Carlos Estrada. “This year we have teams with more traction, and at least two or three people on their team. We’re aiming for more focus on scaling.”

The five teams chosen for the 2018 cohort are part of a larger group that is completing NMotion Academy, a virtual eight-week program that leverages cutting-edge, hands-on learning to provide individuals and teams with real-world startup experience. All five are based in Nebraska.

“The Academy is virtual, all online, which means that we can reach almost any geographical area,” Estrada said. “The virtual academy allows all participants to test ideas before potentially moving into the intensive accelerator program.” The Academy covers various components previously offered through the 90-day accelerator program, and participants learn from talking to customers, partners and competitors.

“Once teams are accepted in the accelerator we are able to provide the best coaching and mentoring, and customize how fast each team is willing to go,” Estrada said. “Working with teams that are further along in the development phases of a startup will allow NMotion to provide more targeted guidance and the startups the ability to use all of the resources we provide effectively and efficiently.”

2018 NMotion cohort:

* Emenoo, a mobile survey platform that saves restaurant-goers time by suggesting meals to them based on their taste preferences, dietary restrictions and quick restaurant reviews they submit.

* Jord Producers, a commercial mealworm farm that hopes to provide a traceable, value-added agriculture product for customers in both the food industry and pet/animal industry.

* Pawlytics, a management software that helps animal shelters and rescue organizations be more efficient, data driven and collaborative so they can save more lives.

* Groove Watersports, which offers the first life jacket that allows you to listen to music though waterproof speakers integrated within the vest.

* Novoc, an artificial-intelligence application aimed at helping hospitals save time, money and lives by aiding doctors in the diagnostic process.

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